Rent Collection Department

Rent Collection Department

Are you tired of paying a landlord that just wants you to mail your payments? Are you not able to talk to your landlord about questions or concerns? Welcome to wonderful, friendly customer service.

At Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority, we have two very nice people that work in our rent collection office. They are here to help you with your concerns about rent, charges, deposits and move-outs.

As is our policy for Public Housing, (Adams Circle, Larzelere, Race Circle, Bonifield Court, Michael Drive and Maple Terrace High Rise) rent is due by noon on the sixth working day of every month. If it is late, there is a late fee ($10) put onto your account.

As is our policy for Coopermill Manor L.P., rent is due by the end of the 5th day of the month and a $5 fee will be charged on the 6th day and $1 for each additional day the rent remains unpaid during the month it is due.

We accept cash and money orders at all times. We only accept checks before late notices leave the building. We do not accept started checks or checks from someone other than the tenant. If you have previously written us a bad check, we are unable to accept any more checks from you.

Our hours of operation are from 7:45am to 3:00pm. We accept rent at our main office on Pershing Road. For your convenience we have a night drop on the side of the building for our afterhours rent payers. For the first six working days there is a drive-thru where you can pay your rent. Just make sure you have your statement. This is a very fast and convenient way for some of our tenants to business on their lunch hour.

At this time, we do not accept credit or debit cards for rent payments. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call Tara or Amanda at (740)454-9714. They will be more than happy to help with all your customer service needs.

The Rent Collections Department is also in charge of our Community Service Program. Community Service is the performance of voluntary work or duties that are a public benefit, and that serve to improve the quality of life, enhance resident self-sufficiency or increase self-responsibility in the community.

All residents should know that Community Service is not employment and may not include political activities. The Community Service requirements mandate that each non-exempt adult household member shall either contribute eight hours per month of community service within their community or participate in an Economic Self-Sufficiency program for eight hours per month.

ZMHA recognizes volunteering at local agencies and schools as community service. Babysitting is not recognized as community service unless the person you are babysitting for is performing community service. We also have the Good Tenant Exemption (GTE). If you don’t receive any fines, late fees, warnings and/or complaints we give you the GTE. The GTE will credit your community service account eight hours every month that you receive it. For more questions on Community Service please contact Tara at (740)454-9714.

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