James D. Singer Activity Center

James D. Singer Activity Center is located at 831 Mathews Street

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James D. Singer Center

Dedicated in 1996, The James D. Singer Center was named in honor of ZMHA’s former and long sitting board member James D. Singer.

James D. Singer Activity Center houses a gymnasium, recreational room (for youth and young adults), equipped with meeting areas, a kitchen and dining area (for seniors). This facility is perhaps Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority’s (ZMHA) most used facility with recreational activities encompassing the entire community. The Activity Center is used for scheduled sports events and gatherings accessible to all residents.

James D. Singer Center – Where the action is!
  • Elderly Services
  • YES Program
  • Offices for Resident Services Staff
  • Community Events ( Halloween Party, Christmas Party, Back to School Bash, etc.)
  • Afterschool Programming
    •       Help with Homework
    •       Creating Resumes
    •       Mock Interviews
    •       Computer access
  • Open Gym Time (Adults 12-2pm M-F, Kids 8-17 years Mon and Fri 3-5pm, Tues-Thurs 3-6pm)
  • Clothing Closet
  • Space is available for rent – Evenings or weekends
         * Funerals, Birthdays, Baby Showers, Meetings and other Family Events
Houses a gymnasium, activity center and training facility
Gym Rental
Policy for the use of the James D. Singer Activity and Training Center and Other ZMHA Facilities
Revised: January 22, 2007
Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority

For clarification in this document (1) the term Development refers to ZMHA housing locations and (2) the term Supervisor refers to the Supervisor or his/her designated representative.

Let it remain clear that all decisions regarding policy and regulation as well as any other issues regarding ZMHA Facilities and Property remain in the hands of ZMHA Executive Director and/or The Board of Commissioners.

  • The staff of the James Singer Activity Center will serve as the scheduling manager of the ZMHA facilities.
  • When contacted, the staff will consider the proposed schedule needs and the purpose of the event as well as the event sponsor.
  • If the event meets the criteria and the facilities Usage Request form is completed, one copy will be sent to the user and another filed in the Supervisor’s Office.
  • The Supervisor will confirm the availability of the facilities based on the following priority of use;
    • ZMHA use
    • Resident use
    • Other events scheduled by non-authority interest
  • If the schedule is open, then the Supervisor shall apply the criteria of the attached utilization policy for events proposed by non-authority interest. If the Supervisor determines that a particular proposed event is incompatible with the criteria of the utilization policy then the Supervisor shall refuse the event.
  • Fees of the use of ZMHA Facilities will be as follows:
         Activity and Training Facility – Will guarantee a minimum of 3 hours at $75.00. billing at $75.00 for the first 3 hours, $25.00 for any additional hours.

    Other facilities – to be determined upon request

    Utilization Policy and Regulations
    General Statement

    The use of all facilities and/or space by all groups, internal and external, is governed by the principle of compatibility with the ZMHA mission. No activities or events may be of a character that explicitly or implicitly discriminates against, demeans or exploits any person or group, nor may they be of the nature that threatens the security, safety or health of the ZMHA Community in any way, or that poses a hazard to the environmental/ecological systems or sites.

    A. It is the policy of ZMHA to make maximum use of its facilities and services for the benefit of the ZMHA Residents.

    B. ZMHA will make its facilities available for use by non-authority organizations at times when these facilities are not in use by ZMHA activities, provided the proposed use and users are compatible with the overall purpose of the Authority. Preference will be given to organizations whose programs and missions relate directly to those of the Authority. Indefinite, on-going events will not be scheduled.

    C. Use of these facilities by a given organization does not imply endorsement by ZMHA of the views, beliefs or purposes of the members of the organization, its mission or orientation.

    D. Under no circumstances will an organization be permitted to use ZMHA facilities which practices discrimination as defined in Article VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

    E. Serving of food and beverages will be permitted only in areas in accordance with ZMHA’s normal operating policies. Final determination will be made by the Supervisor in consultation with the Executive Director.

    F. It will be understood that agencies, groups or persons who break, damage or deface property will be held liable and repair or compensation will be required. ZMHA will not be held responsible for any damage to requesting party’s personal or rented property. Additionally, ZMHA will not be held liable or responsible for accidents or personal injury.

    G. ZMHA will not provide special lighting or sound effects for events.                      

    H. For events where large crowds will be on site for a function, and the Supervisor determines that security is necessary for crowd and traffic control. A surcharge in addition to the established rental fee will be assessed.

    I. Renters are prohibited from using any restricted areas and unauthorized equipment including the lift, thermostats, and moving the bleachers. Only tables and chairs (as assigned) are permitted to be used for events. Along with full access to the kitchen including stove, oven, refrigerator, and microwave.

    J. The rental rate is $25 per hour. Renter receives one hour prior to rental time to set up and one hour after rental time to tear down and clean at no cost.

    K. A $25 non-refundable booking fee is required to hold your reservation (This fee is not applied toward your rental balance). If you phone in a reservation, the booking fee is due within 3 days of the phoned in request to continue to hold your spot. If a renter fails to sign the rental agreements and pay the booking fee, the reservation is void

    L. Renters must sign gym rental form, rental policy form, rental rules form, pay any balance owed, and pick up the key no later than the last business day prior to the day of the requested event. If all rental charges are not paid in full by the time stated above and or keys are not picked up the reservation is void and all monies paid are forfeited.

    M. Please be aware the James D. Singer Activity Center is under video surveillance at all times.

    • The person signing the facility use form shall assume the responsibility of paying the fees for the use of the facility and shall be responsible for any damages to the facility.
    • Building charges are payable to the Zanesville Metropolitan Housing Authority
    • All activities must have adequate adult supervision.
    • Requests for the use of the facility must be made in writing through the staff at ZMHA.
    • The sponsored activity shall be confined to the area requested.
    • The use of alcohol and/or drugs in or around facility is strictly prohibited.
    • Use of tobacco by those of legal age is permitted only outside facility.
    • Proper gym shoes are to be used on the gymnasium floor.
    • The area requested shall be left in a clean and orderly condition.
    • ZMHA reserves the right to refuse use of ZMHA facilities.
    • All tables and chairs must have rubber feet and/or padding covering all contact points with the floor covering.
    • Any organization charging a fee for admission must negotiate an additional fee with ZMHA.
    • Renting agent will be responsible for picking up keys at our main office and returning them immediately following the event.
    • Don’t use tape to secure any display material on the walls, windows or partitions.
    • Any agency using a facility is required to provide ZMHA with a copy of their insurance policy (listed ZMHA as a co-insured) 48 hours prior to the event.
    • Any scheduled activities must conclude by 12:00 midnight unless special circumstances would require additional time which may be considered by the Supervisor or Director.

    Gym Rental Policies Gym Rental Application

James D. Singer Activity Center