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      The Section 8 Program is authorized by the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974. Qualified applicants choose where they want to live as lon as the rent is determined to be reasonable and the property meets an inspection based on Housing Quality Standards (HQS) guidelines. Rent is based on income with ZMHA paying the difference directly to the landlord.

     To qualify for Section 8, an application must be completed. All applications are reviewed to determine if the applicant meets income guidelines. Qualifying applicants are placed on a waiting list until they are called for an appointment, at which time the rules and regulations of the program are explained. Your wait on the waiting list may vary, depending of the level of funding available,

      The Section 8 department operates five other specialty programs. A summary of the five programs follows:

  • Mainstream Housing Program enables families having a person with disabilities to recieve a referral for housing assistance through our collaboration with Six County, Inc. and Muskingum Behaviorial Health. Those recieving a referral from either agency are moved to the top of the Section 8 waiting list.
  • Family Unification Program provides rental assistance to families whose lack of adequate housing is a primary cause of the separation, or imminent separation, of a child or children from their families. This program is a collaboration with the Muskingum County Children Services and Help Me Grow. Those recieving a referral from either agency are moved to the top of the Section 8 waiting list to prevent the family from becoming separated.
  • Shelter Plus Care Continuum of Care Program is a program that provides rental assistance and supportive services for hard-to-serve homeless, diabled individuals with serious mental illness or chronic problems with alcohol and/or drugs. Referrals for this program are accepted from Six County, Inc. and Muskingum Behaviorial Health.
  • Family Self Sufficiency (FSS) Program is a program that encourages subsidized families to obtain employment that will lead to economic independence and self sufficiency. This is a five year program where families are linked to needed services. An important benefit of this program is the FSS escrow (savings) account. As a families' earned income increases a calculation is completed to determine if the family is eligible to recieve an escrow account. If a family is eligible the amount of the escrow calculation is placed in an escrow account. This account will be disbursed to the family as long as the meet the program guidelines.
  • Homeownership Program assists first time homebuyers with their monthly homeownership expenses. The home must pass an initial housing quality standards inspection conducted by the Housing Authority and an independent home inspection before the family is approved to purchase the home. To be eligible for the program a family must complete an application and meet screening criteria. Screening criteria includes(but not limited to) meeting an established income and being continuously assisted for one year on the program.

   The Section 8 Department also has a resident Advisory Board  to benefit clients recieving housing assistance. The board meets to discuss the different ways we can better serve our clients, hear about Section 8 issues, and clarify regulations as well as to obtain input regarding the program. The board meets the third Tuesday in February, June, and October.

   We also have a quarterly Continuum of Care FSS  Affordable Housing Commitee that meets quarterly. The group's mission statement is: Linking resources to provide a foundation to insure services are available to enable families to reach their full potential. Twenty four community agencies participate in this committee.


    Section 8 Landlord Frequently Asked Question

1). How do I place property on the Section 8 Program?

         Contact the Section 8 office with the following information: address of property, the amount of rent you will be charging, who is responsible for the utilities, and a telephone for use by clients looking for  housing. In addition, we suggest that you advertise with the statement "Section 8 Welcome".

         Keep in mind the the Section 8 Office does not screen clients. If an individual meets the income guidelines, they must be accepted into the program. It is YOUR responsibilty as the owner to screen an any potential resident. There are various methods to screen potential tenants, with two of the most effective being: contact at least two previous landlords, and visit the family at their current home.

2). What happens if I rent to a Section 8 client?

         The Section 8 client will give you a form called Request for Tenancy Approval. This form must be completed  by both parties. The form asks questions such as who is responsible for the utilities, the rental price, etc.. Once this form is received and reviewed by the Section 8 Office, an inspection will be scheduled. Section 8 inspections are are based on Housing Quality Standards set by HUD. These standards are reviewed briefly in the booklet "A Good Place to Live," available at the Section 8 Office.

3). What happens after my property is inspected?

         Any defiencies discovered must be corrected. Once the deficiencies are corrected, the property is re-inspected.

4). Is there any necessary paperwork once the property passes inspection?

        After the property passes the inspection, a lease between the owner and the resident will be signed( the Section 8 Office has a model lease you may use).
       The Section 8 Office is not a property management company, and any violation of the lease must be handled by the owner. All violations of the lease should be brought to the attention of the Section 8 Office. Violations of the lease may lead to termination of the resident's Section 8 Assistence.

       At the same time the lease is entered into, a Housing Assistance Payment(HAP) contract will be executed between the owner and the Housing Authority. This contract outlines the owner's responsibilities and rights under the Section 8 Program. An additional addendum will be executed certifying that the owner will maintain personal liability coverage of $100,000 on the property.

5). Do I still have Landlord Rights if I rent to a Section 8 client?

       Yes, you do not lose rights as a landlord. Section 8 landlords and renants must comply with The Ohio Tenant Landlord Bill.

6). Once I rent to a Section 8 client and they move, do I have to rent to another Section 8 client?

        Once a Section 8 client moves from your property, you are under no obligation to rent your property to another client under the Section 8 program.

7). What are Housing inspections based on?

        Housing inspections are based on Health and safety features. They are not based on cosmetic items.

8). Who can recieve Section 8 assistance?

       Anyone is eligible for Section 8 assistance  as long as they meet income guidelines and do not owe money to any housing authority, including ZMHA's Public Housing or Section 8 Offices, and pass Ohio drug conviction and sexual predator conviction screenings.

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